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Hi there.

Welcome at the bottom....

My name is Robbert, and for a living I'm running my own IT company here in the Netherlands.
I have many hobbies, and one of them is (digital) photography.
Via this website I'm sharing my shots with YOU!!

My camera history in a nutshell:
I started this hobby with a great camera: the famous CANON A-1 (1978).
After 9 (!!) years (1987) and taking more then 50.000 pictures with it, I sold my A-1, and got my hands on the (autofocus!!) CANON EOS 650, these were still the ANALOG days of fotoshooting.
Then in 2001 I sold my EOS 650, and I joined the early DIGITAL 'revolution', and bought a SONY DSC-P1. Great and very compact camera. Unfortunately it accidently slid out of it's bag, and landed on the street, while shooting in Italy (2002).
The DSC-P1 still worked okay, but I just HATE scratched equipment.
I sold the DSC-P1 to a friend, and I was interested in getting (then) new Canon PowerShot SD10 as a replacement, but I left the camera-shop with a NIKON Coolpix 5000, a really GREAT (prosumer) camera, that I still use a frequently.

And then....., at Photokina 2008, CANON introduced it's 'EOS 5D Mk II'. Already an EOS fan, I was 'sold' and I just wanted one, and finally got one early 2009!!!

Check out the 'Meet me and my camera's' gallery, where you can actually SEE and read about all the camera's that I (have) own(ed) and use(d).

If you like my picts, let me know by clicking on the 'ADD COMMENT' button on the bottom of the pages!! I will be thrilled to get your critical comments/ratings....

Come back often!!
There's more stuff to come...

Robbert van Herksen
Soesterberg, The Netherlands.

NOTE: In the gallery descriptions you can see which camera I used for shooting the pictures in that particular gallery.